Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif Higher Secondary School

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So far, thousands of students have graduated from Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif Higher Seconday schools. They are found in all walks of life - in education, medicine, politics, business, civil service, the arts, fashion, and sport. 
Some of our prominent alumni are

    Name: Nisar Ahmed
  • Graduation Year: 1965

    Name: Jahan Zaib Zaffer
  • Graduation Year: 1988

    Name: Ayesha Naveed‎
  • Graduation Year: 1999

    Name: Naeem Qaiser‎
  • Graduation Year: 1985

    Name: Anila Hameed Jumani
  • Graduation Year: 1996
  • Shift: Morning

    Name: Syed Nadeem Hasan
  • Graduation Year: 1981
  • Shift: Afternoon

    Name: Nida Aftab
  • Graduation Year: 1997
  • Shift: Morning

    Name: Hira Sarwar
  • Graduation Year: N/A
  • Shift: N/A

    Name: Wasi-Ur-Rehman
  • Graduation Year: 1999
  • Shift: Morning


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